The (Real Boston George) Supports C&R Clothing.

C&R Moment: C&R Clothing would like to say thank you to (Real Boston George) for supporting  (Connected & Respected t-shirt line. (Boston George) was portrayed by (Jhonny Depp) in the the hit movie (Blow). The true story of (Boston George) life which the movie was inspired from. (Boston George) was the right hand man in the (United States) & help traffic large Quantities for (Pablo Escobar) aka (El Patron) & his (Medellian Cartel). Once again C&R Clothing would like to say welcome home to (Real Boston George) & thank supporting (Connected & Respected) Clothing Co. ("If You ain't Connected, You ain't Respected"), to Purchase are any info needed (E-mail) ( (Serious Inquiries Only).

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