Freeway Ricky Ross Meet & Greet in (Atlanta, Ga) for his new movie Crack in the System.

C&R Moment: C&R Clothing would like to say thank you to Street legend, Street Icon (Freeway Ricky Ross) for wearing (C&R Clothing) in his blockbuster highly anticipated 2 part movie/documentary (Crack in the system release on the Al Jazeera network. Freeway Ricky Ross was just on another tour stop to promote (Crack in the System) in (Atlanta,Ga) & inform Boss Spook it's a must he keep his Connected & Respected hoodie with him at all times as (Boss Spook) says (C&R Clothing it's a way of life), to anyone who wishes to purchase (Connected & Respected) Clothing Co. ("It's a Way of Life"), to Purchase are any info needed (E-mail) (
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