C&R Clothing line (Q&A) with (Freeway Ricky Ross)

C&R Moment: Connected & Respected Clothing line presents (Q&A) with the legendary (Freeway Ricky Ross) while in (Memphis,Tn) this past weekend for his (Meet & Greet). (Freeway Ricky Ross) touch on the most asked questions sent in by general public.

(1.) The first question was why do artist & so called street people (fake it to the make it). My Take was some people valve the opinion of everyone else that they will do whatever it takes to please the next person, & lose themselves. (Freeway Ricky Ross) responds below

 (2.) The second question was why people have lost the trait & valve of keeping your word. My take on this questions is people have been mislead by social media & the masses, so they act as they see within the social media world. (Freeway Ricky Ross) responds to the question in the video below.

 (3.) The third question was whats one role of being a boss.  My take on this question a boss should always treat his team with respect & valve there opinions you are only strong as your team.  (Freeway Ricky Ross) responds to the question in the video below.

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