C&R Clothing Would Like to thank (Freeway Ricky Ross) for wearing (C&R limited Edition t-shirt) in (Crack in the System) one of his movies slated for release in (October).

C&R Moment: C&R Clothing would like to say thank you to one of the west coast pioneers  (Freeway Ricky Ross) for wearing a (Limited Edition) C&R T-shirt in one of his movies (Crack in the System) Due out next month (October 17). The month of (October) will not only see one movie from (Freeway Ricky Ross) he will also be portrayed in another movie (Kill the Messenger) due out (October 10). The Month of (October) is being name by (Hollywood Executives) & movie producers are claiming the month of (October) (Freeway Ricky Ross) month with a unprecedented (2) highly anticipated movies to be released in the same month. (Freeway Ricky Ross) says he is looking to capatlize on this Historical month, & (Freeway Ricky Ross) said much respect to (Boss Spook) &  he loved his (Limited Edition) Connected & Respected T-shirt.
who been supporting (Connected & Respected) to Purchase are any info needed (E-mail) (

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