S/O To (American Gangster) (Freeway Ricky Ross)

(TBT) C&R Moment: S/O to (West Coast) Legend (American Gangster) (Freeway Ricky Ross) Coming to my City of (New Orleans) Last Year, & Saying (Boss Spook) I'm on your time, Bring through your City so I can meet your People & Get a couple of Things done: I brought the (OG) all Over (New Orleans) letting him meet everyone & hanging out in my city of (New Orleans). I also brought him through my side (East Side) (New Orleans) Bunker-Hill, Chef Menture Hwy, Redwood st. crowder Blvd, Michoud, lake Forest, all over the East:: (Rick) said mannnn your city loves you (Spook) they support the C&R Lifestyle: I want to say to (Rick) Thank you for coming to my city meeting my family & Kicking it with my homies & people of my city & To everyone who hit me up wanting to meet (Rick) I brought him to meet them they were like (Spook) way to keep as I know you would a (1000%) C&R Clothing it's a Lifestyle: Salute to (Freeway Ricky Ross) #Freeway Ricky Ross #bossspook #New Orleans #East Side #504 #FreewayrickyRossinNewOrleans #1000%

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