Moment of Prayer today for (Ahlittia North).

C&R Moment: Attn: Attn: Attn: To everyone throughout your day today Take a minute to send some Prayers up to our Lord & Savior for this little princess (Ahlittia North) This little angel was (6 years old) & her body was found yesterday in a Trash can, she had been stabbed to Death. (Lord) they are Killing our children what kind of a person would do this to this little princess, I don't even understand it why would you do this to this Angel. (Ahlittia North) live in Harvey,La that's right across the bridge from (New Orleans) I just been thinking when I read this like mannn this is a Tragedy, Lord this angel was (6 years old) I found myself saying who could do such a thing what's inside of a person make them want to attack children. Yes I have years in my eyes I have children & a daughter, I can't say I know how the family feel, are what they going through but I can say my prayers go up & I hope God is over them right now each & everyone on of the family members. Just look @ this angel (6 Years old) (Ahlitta North) being killed it's really horrific (God) this has to stop the little women was just starting to live her life she was (6 years old) no one deserves to die but a Child I won't lie it's unacceptable. I just been shaking my head like (God) our children are being killed @ a rate that's getting way out of hand. I say this say some serious prayers for the ( North Family) & if you have children let them know you loved them & explain the dangers that's going on in the world today, Explain to them God is the only way. God my prayers go up for the (North Family) & (Princess) (Ahlittia North) I'm so sorry this tragedy happen but you with (God) know & you are blessed. God be with us all. 

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