Will Smith shares his secrets of success

KCuttter said...

I thought I was the only one that thought like that I guest that is why I always admired Will Smith as a person & professional. I guess thats why I had to go there in the song I created when I was struggling to achieve success while I was living in California at the end of the spring 2008 (504 to the 831). At the time the presidential election was popping off. I was really out there with no help assistance nothing but the woman who worked for red cross. All those people who were getting cars and money I couldn’t get nothing. The media didn’t make any better by calling anyone associated with New Orleans a refugee. At the time the only thing I had control of was me applying my self into a working educational system. Imagine that time I was really living the role somewhat like the movie I just happened to see In Pursuit Of Happiness. For young black males like myself who either grew up or who is currently growing up without positive father figures could only see this man as a blessing. Thanks a lot I really appreciate this during these often difficult times!!!

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