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New Interview with (Freeway Ricky Ross), (Monster Kody), (Boss Spook) on (JR Smooth Radio)..

C&R Moment: S/O to (JR Smooth Radio) for the interview on (Boss Spook), (Freeway Ricky Ross) & (Monster Kody) Speaking on (Connected & Respected Clothing) & various topics while 2 (West Coast) legends (Freeway Ricky Ross) & (Monster Kody) called into (JR Smooth Radio) to support (Boss Spook) doing this historical interview in support of (Connected & Respected Clothing) once again thank you to (JR Smooth Radio) (Freeway Ricky Ross), (Monster Kody) to purchase (C&R Clothing) are any info needed (E-mail) (Spook504@gmail.com) (Serious Inquiries Only).


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Boss Spook New Interview with (Imperial Hustle) Magazine.

C&R Moment: S/O to (Imperial Hustle) Magazine for the interview inside there publication, we touch on various topics & really dwell into the lifestyle of (Connected & Respected) Clothing. I must say (Imperial Hustle) Magazine is really doing a great job with there publication & it was a honor to do a interview with (Imperial Hustle) Magazine.


Boss Spook New Exclusive interview with (Joint Magazine)

C&R Moment: I would like to say to thank you (Pat) (Co Ceo) of (Joint Magazine) & everyone of the (Joint Magazine Family) for my new exclusive interview with there publication. The reason I give so much respect to (Joint Magazine) it gives a voice to everyone who who is behind enemy lines & let them know they can changed there lives for the better despite there circumstances. Joint Magazine mail there publications to all (1,719) state penitentiaries & (102) federal penitentiaries. The article is a special edition of (Joint Magazine) which featured the welcome home edition of rap artist (Boosie) which I will be featured in the (spotlight section) of (Joint magazine). The magazine can be purchased on there website (TheJointMagazine.com), to everyone who supports (Boss Spook) & (Connected & Respected Clothing) make sure you go order this special edition of (Joint Magazine), everyone go support & purchased the magazine once again there website is (TheJointMagazine.com) also once again thank you to (Joint Magazine Family).

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C&R Moment: S/O to (Floyd Mayweather) (TMT) Boxer Sensation (Cash Flow Diaz) for supporting the (Connected & Respected) (OG) T-shirt (Floyd Mayweather) has high expectations if his little champion who his posed to do great things for the world of boxing & (TMT) Boxing Club, below are some videos of (Cash Flow Diaz) doping what he loves while also taking notes from one of the best champions to ever do it (TMT) Boss (Floyd Mayweather) & once again thank you to (Cash Flow Diaz) for supporting (Connected & Respected) Clothing Line.

C&R Clothing line (Q&A) with (Freeway Ricky Ross)

C&R Moment: Connected & Respected Clothing line presents (Q&A) with the legendary (Freeway Ricky Ross) while in (Memphis,Tn) this past weekend for his (Meet & Greet). (Freeway Ricky Ross) touch on the most asked questions sent in by general public.

(1.) The first question was why do artist & so called street people (fake it to the make it). My Take was some people valve the opinion of everyone else that they will do whatever it takes to please the next person, & lose themselves. (Freeway Ricky Ross) responds below video

 (2.) The second question was why people have lost the trait & valve of keeping your word. My take on this questions is people have been mislead by social media & the masses, so they act as they see within the social media world. (Freeway Ricky Ross) responds to the question in the video below.

 (3.) The third question was whats one role of being a boss.  My take on this question a boss should always treat his team with respect & valve there opinions you are only strong as your team.  (Freeway Ricky Ross) responds to the question in the video below.